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anyseals offers quality o-rings, expert service, and competitive pricing. AS568 standard, metric, Mil Spec, JIS and FDA O-rings are always available. Stocked materials include Buna NBR, HNBR, FKM, EPDM, PTFE, FEPM, ACM, VMQ, Silicone (SI), and Neoprene (CR).

Encapsulated O-Rings

Encapsulated O-rings are o-rings consisting of a seamless and uniform PTFE or FEP encapsulation/jacket which completely encloses a core material of either PTFE, VMQ-silicone or FKM elastomers. Call anyseals today for quality encapsulated O-rings!


X-rings have a double sealing function as compared to an O-ring and can be used in a wide variety of static and dynamic sealing applications. X-rings are also designed to outperform a standard O-Ring in rotary seal applications. anyseals offers AS568 and metric sizes in NBR or FKM.

Square Cut O-Rings

Square rings are available in a variety of rubber and plastic materials such as Buna NBR, FKM, EPDM, VMQ, etc. In most static applications, a square ring will serve as a direct replacement for an O-ring and generally will perform better in high pressure sealing functions.

Hygienic Sanitary Seals

Hygienic seals are used widely in the Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Food & Beverage, Industrial and Semi Conductor industries to seal clamp connections in sanitary pipe lines. We offer an extensive range in several compounds according to DIN 11851 and FDA 177.2600.

D-Ring Seals

D-ring seals improve gland stability and eliminate the potential of the seal to roll. D-rings can be either extruded or machined and manufactured in various compounds including Buna NBR, FKM, EPDM and VMQ. Hardness ranges are from 60 to 90 Shore A.

Rubber Flat Ring Washers & Gaskets

Rubber O-ring flat washers & gaskets are available in various styles and materials. Materials that are offered include; Neoprene Rubber, Silicon, EPDM, NBR, SBR, FKM, VMQ and CR. You can also even choose from either lathe cut, stamped, tube cut or molded profiles.

Guiding Elements

Guide elements perform the task of locating the piston and piston rod in the cylinder, absorbing any side loads that may arise and preventing metallic contact between the sliding parts. We offer a broad spectrum of different materials and designs to adapt to your requirements.

Circlips & Retaining Rings

Circlip also known as a C-Clip, Seeger ring, or snap ring  is a type of fastener or retaining ring consisting of a semi-flexible metal ring with open ends which can be snapped into place, into a machined groove on a dowel pin or other part to permit rotation but to prevent lateral movement.

Oil Seals

Oil seals, also known as lip seals, grease seals and rotary shaft seals are used to seal rotary elements, such as a shaft or rotating bore. Our durable oil seals interchange with all major brands. Common stocked elastomers include NBR, FKM, EPDM, VQM, ACM and HNBR.

Axial Seals

Axial seals also known as Gamma Seals are attached to a rotating shaft for sealing axially against perpendicular faces. They combine the high-speed capacity of standard mechanical seals with the simplicity of radial lip seals. Stocked in both NBR and FKM.

Cover Seals

Also referred to as service hole plugs or end caps are a rubber-to-metal bonded cap commonly used as a plug or cap on gear boxes. Cover seals are designed to fit directly on housing bores for rotary shaft seals. anyseals offers them in both nitrile and fluorocarbon.

Bonded Seals

Commonly known as Dowty washers, they are often used as bolt seals in hydraulic equipment. Stock is available in standard, self-centering, BSP and metric sizes. We also offer a full range of metal and rubber specifications in NBR and FKM.

Din 3869 Profile Ring Seals

Profile ring seals are manufactured in accordance to DIN 3869, ISO 9974, ISO 11926 and ISO 1179 specs. They are molded parts made of elastomers for sealing threaded tube connections and fittings with threaded elements. Available materials include NBR, FKM and EPDM.


The function of a V-ring is to exclude dirt, water, or other aggressive media from entering bearing housings while also retaining grease. NBR nitrile V-Rings are the most common type, however, anyseals also stocks FKM-fluoroelastomer for higher heat applications.


Wipers are installed in the sealing configurations of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders to prevent contaminants such as dirt, dust and moisture from entering the cylinder as they retract back into the system. Many different materials and styles in stock!

Spring Energized PTFE Seals

Spring Energized PTFE seals offer extreme-temperature, high-pressure, chemically inert, static and dynamic seals for the most demanding applications. PTFE seals can be used to upgrade existing designs as well as to provide a positive seal for newly designed products.

Shaft Repair Sleeves

Shaft repair sleeves are a solution to overcome problems with worn shafts without having to disassemble the shaft or changing the seal dimensions. Consisting of a thin wall shaft repair sleeve and a simple installation tool, anyseals shaft repair kits can take a worn shaft from scored to restored in a matter of minutes.

Piston Seals

Hydraulic Piston Seals or Piston Rings are used in hydraulic cylinders for fluid sealing and are designed to ensure that pressurized fluid does not leak across the cylinder head as the system pressure pushes the piston down the cylinder bore.

Rod Seals

The rod seal is designed to ensure that pressurized fluid does not leak out of the system as the rod cycles back and forth out of the gland (dynamic pressure sealing) anyseals offers a wide range of hydraulic rod seals for both single-acting and double-acting systems.


U-Cups are a lip seal, named for the cross-section’s distinctive “U” shape. anyseals offers a wide range of U-Cup designs with a broad range of materials. Loaded U-Cups, non loaded U-Cups, spring energized, single lip U-cups, twin lip U-cups are all in stock and ready to ship.

Back-up Rings

Back-up rings are used in conjunction with O-rings for both static and dynamic sealing applications. There are three basic types of back-up rings, single turn (split or scarf-cut), multi-turn (spiral cut), and solid (uncut). Available in PTFE, POM, PEEK, NBR, FKM and AU.

Piston Cups

Piston cups are used to provide a pressure and fluid seal on piston heads, pumps, and pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. They are cup-shaped, with flared lips that contact both sides of the walls of a cylinder, and a hole in the center for fitting over a piston head.

Hydraulic Radial Seals (Slipper Seal)

The slipper seal is a radial sealing element that consists of a PTFE carbon/graphite ring and an elastomeric O-Ring energizer. This type of seal is typically selected for general industrial pneumatic/hydraulic applications where there is a need for a dynamic sealing element.

Rod Seals & Buffer Seals

anyseals can supply both standard and metric piston and rod buffer seals in a wide range of materials and sizes. Buffer seals are usually used in combination with another rod seal, typically a U-cup style seal. Buffer Seals protect the rod seals by reducing pressure peaks.

Vee Packing

Vee packing, also called v-packing, chevron packing, and parachute packing, is used in Pumps and Valves to seal the fluid or gas being moved. Vee packing can be used for low or high pressure applications and with single or double acting cylinders.

Custom Molded Products

If you require a specialized plastic or rubber part or need priority service for a crucial component that you can’t find anywhere else, contact anyseals today and let us help you solve your problem. Our global sourcing network of suppliers means no part or product is ever out of reach, and we can quickly locate and deliver to your business quickly and efficiently.

Professional Customer Service

At anyseals our customers come first. Our professional and friendly team will earn your confidence, providing you with unmatched support throughout the life of your project. From beginning to end, we deliver world-class customer service for 100% satisfaction.

Custom labeling, bar coding, bagging and kitting programs

Whether it’s a custom labeling, bar coding, bagging or a special kitting program, anyseals, Inc has the solutions to fit your specific needs. Simply let us know what parts you need and we will do the rest.

Global Sourcing

anyseals, Inc is a leading global and U.S. supply chain specialist, providing superior quality rubber o-rings, oil seals, hydraulic seals, radial shaft seals, custom rubber products and specialty seals. For over 16 years, we have been supplying our customers with high quality products, utilizing our extensive global network of manufacturers. We are proud of our reputation for providing innovative solutions for your product and manufacturing challenges.

Quality Control

As your trusted industrial sealing supplier, we offer end to end globally sourced high quality products from approved and certified production companies ( ISO 9001:2008 or ISO TS 16949 ). We are proud to offer our customers 100% inspection on o-rings for dimensions and flash.

Vendor Managed Inventory

When it comes to inventory management solutions we are second to none. Let us help you manage your inventory, save money, and keep inventory cost down, making your business more profitable and efficient at the same time.

Just in Time Delivery

Let your warehouse work for you with active products, while we keep your inactive and excess products in our warehouse until you need them. With our JIT inventory management and warehousing experience, you will only have the products you need at any given time; these benefits will help your company run more profitably and efficiently.

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